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Bottleless Water Coolers
Enjoy an endless supply of delicious, purified water.
Try it for free and taste the difference.
Eco-Friendly Water Coolers
Reduce your carbon footprint
No more plastic bottles and no more water deliveries.

Great Tasting Water
Our water coolers are like having

a mini water purification plant in your office.

Economical Water Coolers

Reduce your water cooler bill by up to 50%.

of going bottleless

Benefit of Bottleless Coolers



  • You can reduce your office drinking water bill by up to 50% with our point-of-use filtered bottleless water coolers.
  • We’ll do a free cost analysis to see exactly how much money you can save.


  • Prevent lifting injuries and enjoy delicious, purified water with our bottleless coolers.
  • Our dispensers are like mini water purification plants because we believe you and your co-workers deserve the best.


  • Our water coolers are the green solution with no more plastic bottles or gas-guzzling water deliveries.
  • Replacing one 5-gallon jug cooler is the green house gas equivalent of planting 120 trees each year.


  • Eliminate those disruptive water deliveries and the annoyance of changing that 44-pound, 5-gallon water jug.
  • Enjoy an endless supply of delicious water. Try it for free and taste the difference.


FOR NEARLY THREE DECADES, ARCTIC COOLERS has been providing its customers with long-term office drinking water solutions. Our streamlined, efficient and economical water coolers are designed to offer refreshing, cold water 24/7. The simple filter replacement system and sleek, stainless steel designs make a stylish and sophisticated statement for any office or workplace setting.

GO BOTTLELESS WITH OUR SUSTAINABLE AND FULLY-WARRANTIED WATER COOLERS! Our compact, easy to install water coolers have a boatload of options that will quench your thirst and give you peace of mind. We also have free maintenance programs in place to ensure quality water for as long as you own your unit. Come see why so many major, Fortune 500 Companies like UPS, Avis, the Marriott, FedEx, Comcast and more choose Arctic Coolers! Whether big or small, we believe everyone at your place of business deserves fresh, satisfying water.

  • Save hundreds of dollars on water deliver
  • Enjoy the convenience of fresh, cold water, anytim
  • Get a FREE Trial… You have nothing to lose, except great water service!
  • Help prevent germs, bacteria and viruses in the workplace
  • Backed by 27-yearsin water service experience
  • Our award-winning company is known as one of the East Coast’s industry leaders in water cooler delivery
  • Fully warrantied, high quality water cooler products
  • Sound guarantee
  • Superior customer support system
  • Choose flexible contracts that grow as your company’s demand becomes greater
  • No more bottles, hassles or worries
  • Bottleless water coolers offer a green solution for the environment
  • Replacing just 1 five-gallon jug equates to planting approx. 120 trees annually.
  • Dispensers are like mini water purification plants; bringing better health to all
  • Reduces office water expenses by more than half, as well as saving on water utility bills
  • Streamlined water cooler designs offer attractive enhancement to office setting

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