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Water Cooler Supplier in Washington DC

At Arctic Coolers we’re on a mission greater than just providing the best quality water to every office-dwelling citizen of DC. Our goal is to have a significant impact on the environment in Washington DC and the greater world. With our bottleless water coolers, this is possible. Not to mention, our bottleless water coolers are economical and we’re a charitable organization! So if you want to save money, save the environment, provide top-notch drinking water, and contribute to local charities, choose Arctic Coolers as your Washington DC Water Cooler Supplier.

Arctic Coolers has been providing office water cooler solutions to Washington DC businesses since 1986. With free standing, countertop, and touchless water dispensers, Arctic Coolers is your number one office water cooler supplier in DC.

Water cooler supplier in washington dc
Why Arctic Coolers?

Reduce Unnecessary Spread of Germs

With everything going on in the world, hygiene and safety should be a top priority in your office. With our Touchless Water Coolers that have antimicrobial touchpads, you reduce the unnecessary spread of germs within the office.

Save the Environment

By switching to bottleless water coolers, you significantly reduce the amount of plastic produced each year. A 50 employee company with average 5-gallon jug usage for water will negatively contribute about as much CO2 in the environment as a car traveling 50,ooo miles in one year.

Save More Money

Switching to bottleless also helps you save tremendously. By cutting out the cost of those jug-refills, you significantly reduce your drinking expenses, often by 50% or more.

Serving Our Country's Capital

Water cooler supplier in washington dc

Washington DC is home to well over 10,000 supported businesses. Those 10,000+ businesses employ an astounding 500,000 proud DC citizens. As you can imagine, with 500,000 employees and 10,000+ businesses, there’s a huge demand for office water! In order to be a successful business it’s important that your employees are hard-working, well-rested, and most importantly, well-hydrated! Afterall, 70% of your body is water. You and your employees need and deserve the best-tasting filtered water there is. At Arctic Coolers located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, we have just that. That’s why so many businesses in Washington DC have chosen Arctic Coolers for their Office Water Solutions. 

If you’re a business in the Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, or other office industry, we have a large selection of office water coolers for your DC office. Whether you’re looking for a Free Standing Water Cooler, Countertop Water Dispenser, or Touchless Water Cooler, Arctic Coolers is your Washington DC Water Cooler Supplier.