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Water Cooler Service New York NY

At Arctic Coolers, we’re on a mission greater than simply providing the best quality water to every office-dwelling New Yorker. Our goal is to have a significant impact on the environment in New York City and the greater world. With our bottleless water coolers, this is possible.

Remember, our bottleless water coolers are economical, and we’re a charitable organization too! So, if you want to save money, save the environment, provide top-notch drinking water, and contribute to local charities, choose Arctic Coolers for your water cooler service and installation in New York, NY.

Arctic Coolers has been providing office water cooler solutions to New York City businesses and hospitals since 1986. With freestandingcountertop, and touchless water dispensers, Arctic Coolers is your number-one office water cooler supplier in New York City.


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Why Arctic Coolers?

Reduce the Unnecessary Spread of Germs


With everything going on in the world, hygiene and safety should be a top priority in your office. With our touchless water dispensers with antimicrobial touchpads, New Yorkers can reduce the unnecessary spread of germs within the office.

Our touchless water coolers feature a commercial-grade filtration system, the Polar Power Pak™. Four filters and a UV light purify your drinking water directly at the point of use—a service you won’t get from plastic water bottles.

Save the Environment


By switching to bottleless water coolers, you significantly reduce the amount of plastic produced each year. A 50-employee company with an average 5-gallon jug usage for water will negatively contribute about as much CO2 in the environment as a car traveling 50,000 miles in one year.

In just one year, the bottled water industry wastes millions of gallons of water, burns six million gallons of fuel, and dumps 70 million pounds of plastic into landfills. Filtered water dispensers don’t contribute that level of waste. In fact, they can actively reduce it!

Save More Money


Switching to bottleless water coolers also helps New Yorkers save tremendously. By cutting out the cost of those jug refills, you significantly reduce your drinking expenses, often by up to 50 percent. How is this possible? Go bottleless, and you won’t have to deal with:

  • Costs for the manufacture of plastic jugs or bottles (passed on to you)
  • Deliveries of bottled water (which raise the price further)
  • Valuable storage space taken by water bottles

Go Totally Arctic and Install Your New Water Cooler in New York, NY

Water Cooler Supplier in New York City

Now is the time to show your employees you care—and a new water cooler system is the perfect way to do it. Give the people who work hardest for you access to unlimited, ice-cold water that’s environmentally friendly.

It couldn’t be clearer—this will be a win for your organization. For easy installation and water cooler service in New York, NY, reach out to our team at Arctic Coolers. Get your free quote today and create a healthy workplace experience!