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Top 4 Benefits of Having a Countertop Water Cooler


Office water coolers have evolved from the days of giant water bottles perched on top of a kiosk. These days, water dispensers provide an endless stream of refreshing water without the hassle or wastefulness of a traditional water cooler. One of the most popular types of water dispensers is the countertop water dispenser, which offers several advantages over its larger counterparts.

A Countertop Water Dispenser Saves Space

When you invest in a countertop water dispenser, you don’t have to sacrifice valuable floor space. Instead, you can tuck it in its own nook, the way that you would a coffee machine. It’s efficient and compact and won’t be in anyone’s way.

Black Arctic Pro Bottleless Water Cooler from Arctic Coolers

A Countertop Water Dispenser Is Cost-Effective

When you buy a traditional water cooler dispenser, you’re not just buying the cooler itself. You’re also committing to buying five-gallon bottles after five-gallon bottles of water if you want to keep the water cooler functioning, not to mention shipping fees, bottling fees, and good old-fashioned price markups.

When you have a countertop water dispenser, on the other hand, you’re only paying for rental and maintenance of the machine itself. No fees for shipping, no fees for bottling, and no price markup on water.

A Countertop Water Dispenser Is Easy to Use

Freestanding water cooler dispensers may be nice to hang around and discuss the latest viral video, but the fun runs out once you have to replace the water bottle. No one looks forward to attempting to fit an unwieldy water jug on top of a small peg in a hole.

Countertop water dispensers take water bottles out of the equation, eliminating a major hurdle. All people have to do is press a button in order to get hot and cold water on demand.

Commercial-grade water filtration system

A Countertop Water Dispenser Keeps Employees Healthy

Getting enough water is a key part of staying healthy. Drinking more water puts less wear and tear on your kidneys and helps your skin resist skin disorders and wrinkling. Also, when you drink water instead of soda, you’re taking a large step toward maintaining a healthy weight.

Putting in an office water dispenser in your workspace (or home, for that matter) puts cool, refreshing water at your fingertips. Since the filtered water dispenser is connected directly to your tap, there’s never any shortage of drinking water. Employees and coworkers can get all the water they need, leaving them hydrated and healthy.

Drink More Water with an Arctic Coolers Countertop Water Dispenser

If you want a countertop water dispenser system that gives you the coolest, purest water, you owe it to yourself to give Arctic Coolers a try. Get a free quote by contacting Arctic Coolers today. Their water cooler experts will help you determine which water cooler dispenser is right for you.

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