Smart Soda Machine

Smart Soda Machine

Arctic Coolers is well-known for providing hydration solutions throughout New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. But did you know that water coolers aren’t all we install and service? We also can handle something totally unique: one of the world’s first environmentally friendly soda machines! Are you interested in a Smart Soda machine for the office? Read on to find out more about these awesome hydration stations!

What is Smart Soda?

Smart Soda is a wholly new beverage experience! Smart Soda machines offer commercial and individual customers access to unlimited alkaline water, as well as vitamin-infused flavored sparkling alkaline waters and sodas. Some Smart Soda machines can even dispense functional shots, which are unique, on-demand functional beverages that provide energy, immunity, and relaxation boosts.

Features of Our Environmentally Friendly Soda Machines

Do you like your drinks bubbly or prefer a smoother texture? You have the option to choose from the Smart Soda machine. You can select either non-carbonated or carbonated Smart Soda drinks in a huge variety of flavors!
Smart Soda machines utilize a unique alkaline filter to purify your beverage. In 4 separate stages, chemicals and residue are removed from the water, leaving it clean and fresh.
You can order a Smart Soda machine in a size that perfectly suits your office environment. The JuLi-TOUCH is perfect for serving customers, while the Lilly Office is perfect for small businesses! We also install Smart Planet soda machines in various shapes and sizes.
Benefits of Smart Soda Machines for Offices & Other Businesses
A commercial Smart Soda machine makes a great addition to your office, restaurant, or other business location. Here’s why you should consider investing in your very own commercial Smart Soda machine:
Keeping employees hydrated boosts productivity. In addition, alkaline water (dispensed by the Smart Soda system) has numerous health benefits, including increased energy, improved health, and a boost to the immune system! You’ll truly see the difference when you invest in a Smart Planet soda machine.
All Smart Soda drinks (including non-carbonated and carbonated Smart Soda beverages) are made with only organic cane sugar (or zero sugar). They’re also 100% naturally flavored, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, antioxidant-rich, and gluten-free. Everyone in the office can enjoy your new Smart Soda machine guilt-free!
Smart Soda machines are some of the world’s first-ever environmentally friendly soda machines! Each employee gets a reusable bottle or tumbler and can enjoy unlimited Smart Soda drinks.
If you’re looking to get your employees excited about coming into the office, installing a Smart Soda machine for the office is a great way to accomplish this goal!
Want to boost your brand and company recognition? Give employees customized bottles with your company’s logo! It’s a great way to provide cool company “swag” and eliminate plastic bottle usage at the same time.

*Vitamin Infused

B3, B6, B12, C

*Functional Shots

Energy, Immunity, Relaxation

Made With Unlimited Alkaline Water

Customized Bottles With Your Logo

Sugar Free

(Diet Sodas & Flavored Waters)

Organic Cane Sugar


32 Flavors

Great Taste

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Intrested in JuLi-TOUCH?

Intrested in Lilly?

Intrested in Smart Soda?

Install a Smart Soda Machine in Your Delaware Valley Office Today!

Is your business located in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, or Pennsylvania? Are you ready to experience one of the world’s first environmentally friendly soda machines right in your office? Arctic Coolers can install your new Smart Soda machine in just a few hours! Contact our sales and installation team today to get started.