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Office Water Coolers in New Jersey

Arctic Coolers has been offering office water cooler solutions in New Jersey since 1986. In that time, we’ve provided a more sustainable alternative to traditional water coolers to over 15,000 offices are the Garden State and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.

Our office water coolers are:

Locally Owned and Operated Office Water Cooler Supplier in New Jersey

Unlike the big name water cooler companies, Arctic Coolers is locally owned and operated. When you need to get in touch with us, you won’t be put on hold for an hour; when you need service, you won’t be given the runaround. We’ve been in business for over three decades because of our commitment to providing our customers with a superior product and superior service.
Our technicians are highly trained, giving them the ability to offer customized water cooler systems for your office. As part of our dedication to quality, we provide free preventive maintenance on all of our clients’ water coolers, including an annual six-point service check, water quality check, filter replacements, temperature control, and tank cleaning.

The Best Office Water Coolers in New Jersey

We’re proud of the people we work with and the service they provide our customers, but we’re equally proud of our state-of-the-art water filtration systems. A bottleless water cooler means you’ll never have to change a cumbersome bottle of water on your office cooler again; you’ll stop wasting plastic and start tasting water as it’s meant to be enjoyed—without impurities and contaminants.

Our models include:

Arctic Pro – This countertop water filtration system has a modern, space-saving design and dispenses hot, cold, and room temperature water at the push of a button.

Arctic Pro-Chill CTDP – Adjust the cold temperature to your liking with the easy-to-use control panel and dispense chilled water whenever you need it.

Arctic Chill 500 – This alternative to traditional freestanding water coolers dispenses hot and cold water without the big plastic jugs that constantly need replacement.

Arctic Avalanche 2500 – Four-stage carbon filtration gives you the best water you’ve ever tasted and an advanced LG compressor ensures that this freestanding bottleless water cooler won’t let you down.

Countertop water dispensers are a favorite of small offices, as they fit right onto the countertop of a breakroom or office kitchen. Our freestanding bottleless water coolers are a good choice for offices with a larger number of employees. If you’re not sure which model is right for your needs, our friendly team is happy to help.

Learn More About Arctic Coolers

If you’re looking for water delivery in New Jersey, you can do better than the big plastic jugs. Choose Arctic Coolers for responsive service, exceptional products, and water that just tastes better. Contact us today at 800-372-0262 to learn more about how we can exceed your expectations and offer you a superior water delivery experience.