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The Importance of Drinking Filtered Water


Tap. Distilled. Bottled. Of all the kinds of water out there, you might wonder which is the best water cooler for your home or office. The truth is that there’s only one kind of water that offers you the most benefits, and that’s filtered water.

black arctic pro bottleless water cooler

It’s the Safest

Filtered water is just that: filtered. That means you don’t have to worry about drinking fluoride, aluminum, or other chemicals and byproducts that are dangerous to your health. When you choose an Arctic Coolers drinking water dispenser, for example, your water is sent through several stages of filtration before it reaches your glass.

It Tastes Fantastic

There is simply no other kind of water that tastes better than filtered water. That means everything you use filtered water for will taste better, too. Once again, it’s the multi-stage filtration that removes contaminants that can give water a musty or chemical taste. Just take advantage of our free trial to compare the difference; there’s no obligation to try!

Water, Not Brilliant Marketing

Many bottled water companies rely on brilliant marketing to make you think the water you’re getting is pure—but what are you really getting? Plastic water bottles can break down quickly. When that happens, the BPA they’re made of leaches right into the water.

Best Bottleless Water Coolers

Why is this a problem? Because BPA is a hormone disruptor that’s been linked to early puberty, altered immune system function, and, unfortunately, much more. Filtered water from an Arctic Coolers system is only pure water—and, with it, the following health benefits.

Enhanced Health

By drinking filtered water on a regular basis, your body can stay hydrated, which increases nutrient absorption. Your kidneys will get the help they need to detoxify your body. Lots of filtered water can result in weight loss, thanks to its metabolism-regulating properties. Nutritious filtered water from Arctic Coolers will make your hair softer and shiner and improve the health of your skin and nails.

Disease Prevention

Studies show that when chlorine and its byproducts are removed from water via filtration, the risks of developing bladder, colon, and rectal cancers are reduced. As well, because filtration removes other kinds of parasites and toxins, the risk for other diseases is also lessened.

Drinking water that’s free of toxins can ensure a strong immune system, which is especially important for growing children and those whose immune systems may have been compromised due to disease or cancer treatment.

A Healthier Environment

Water is a finite resource. Bottled water wastes millions of gallons of water, not to mention causing millions of pounds of plastic waste to enter landfills each year—but, once more, it’s filtered water that wins; you won’t generate waste with Arctic Coolers because there are no bottles to have delivered. Instead, you can enjoy fresh, clean water right from your existing municipal supply.

So are you ready to get all the benefits of filtered water with Arctic Coolers’ office or home water dispensers? Visit us online or call (844) 202-1569.

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