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Commercial-grade water filtration system

Products that Meet Your Needs

Our range of water coolers provides an assortment of sophisticated, stylish coolers to meet your workplace needs.

Arctic Pro - Filtered water cooler

Arctic Pro

Elegant, sleek design for small spaces
  • 2-Stage Water Filtration
  • Energy Efficient
  • Sparkling water option
Arctic Chill 500 - office water cooler

Arctic Chill 500

Crossing the boundaries between commercial and residential needs.
  • Leak detector
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Lightweight Construction
Arctic Pro-Chill CTDP - counter top water filtration unit

Arctic Pro-Chill CTDP

Space saving compact size.
  • 2-Stage Water Filtration
  • Energy Efficient
  • Adjustable Temperature
Arctic Chill 2500 - office water cooler

Arctic Chill 2500

Free-Standing Hot & Cold
  • Large tank storage
  • Ultra Filtration 99.9%
  • Sleek stainless steel design
water cooler for offices

The Arctic Advantage of Office Water Coolers

Since 1986, we have installed more than 15,000 water coolers. Our experienced technicians and sales reps know how to assist you in determining your water and cooler needs.

Full Service

Free installation and preventative maintenance.

Quality Selection

Variety of high quality filters for every office need.


Reduces carbon footprint and removes thousands of plastic bottles from landfill.

Tastes Great

Our coolers provide 99% pure water 100% of the time.

Here's what our customers have to say:

"Tom really did a good job of cleaning our coolers… He was thorough and pleasant to deal with."

- Selign Company

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Experience the benefit of clean, hassle-free water in your facility

  • Our water experts work with you to select a bottle-free solution perfect for your office size and requirements.
  • We connect directly to your existing water supply for an easy, worry-free installation.
  • Regular filter checkups and hygiene maintenanceby trained technicians to keep your water in perfect condition.
  • An endless clean water supply.

Water Coolers for the Hospitality Industry

Great-Tasting, Fresh Drinking Water for Your Guests

Show your commitment to service with quality you can taste. With decades of experience serving the hospitality industry, Arctic Coolers can usher in a new wave of refreshment for your business with our filtered water coolers. Just the thought of ice-cold drinking water has us chilled—and thrilled!

These coolers are contemporary, they’re sophisticated, and yes, they offer an endless supply of great-tasting drinking water! New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Newark, NJ; and Washington, D.C., based businesses can keep their guests happy and healthy with fresh, eco-friendly H2O.

You live and breathe service, and we live and breathe to serve you! Our coolers cater to every corner of the hospitality industry:

  • Hotels and Conference Centers
  • Restaurants and Caterers
  • Cafés and Pubs  
  • Members’ Clubs

Why Choose a Bottleless Water Cooler for Your Facility?

The hospitality industry is always about satisfying your customers and providing the best possible service. Oftentimes, quality water is ignored. Our water coolers are perfect for the hospitality industry and guaranteed to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations.

If you’re ready to elevate your guests’ experience, you need our water coolers. They eliminate the need for the wasteful single-use bottles many offices stock in the fridge. A bottleless water cooler goes even further, though—it eliminates the cumbersome water jugs of traditional water coolers and the need for frequent water deliveries.

Instead, you’ll enjoy an endless supply of clean, filtered water with your bottleless office water cooler. What’s more, when you compare the gallon-by-gallon cost of a traditional water cooler with a bottleless water cooler, the bottleless variety comes out on top and saves you money!

Water Coolers for Hotels and Conference Centers

Hotels and conference centers require reliable supplies of drinking water. Imagine all the spaces in your establishment that could benefit from water coolers: meeting and reception areas, hotel gyms, buffets, and business centers, just to start.

We offer a range of freestanding water coolers that would be perfect for such a purpose—coolers like the Arctic Chill 500 and Arctic Avalanche 2500. They offer both hot and cold water and a four-stage filtration process for purity.

Our countertop water coolers will serve your office staff well. Perfect for a kitchen or breakroom counter, the Arctic Pro and Arctic Pro-Chill CTDP offer many of the same benefits as the freestanding coolers, but in a more compact space.

Go Touchless and Reduce the Spread of Germs

With everything happening in the world, the hospitality sector has renewed focus on reducing the spread of germs. You can lead the pack with our touchless water coolers! These state-of-the-art coolers can help stop the spread of viruses and bacteria.

You don’t want illnesses spreading through your hotel, restaurant, or club. When guests and employees use touchless water cooler systems—complete with antimicrobial touchpads and commercial-grade filtration—the risk is greatly diminished.

Our touchless water coolers for the hospitality industry use the Polar Power Pak™ filtration system. With four filters and a UV light, it purifies drinking water at the point of use. You won’t get that from a water bottle!

Freestanding Water Coolers

With a freestanding water cooler from Arctic Coolers, your customers won’t be filling up their water bottles at the bathroom sink. Instead, they’ll be refilling their bottle with purified, delicious water from our beautiful water coolers.

Our top-of-the-line freestanding water coolers offer both hot and cold water, each stored in its own surgical stainless-steel tank for superior taste and safety.

You’ll enjoy exceptionally clean water with our four-stage carbon filtration process, which removes 99.9 percent of sediment, bacteria, heavy metals, and other impurities—and you’ll get it all at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a traditional bottled water delivery service.

Countertop Water Coolers

If you’re purchasing a water cooler for your hotel kitchen, service room, or lobby, consider an Arctic Coolers countertop water cooler. These water dispensers have a smaller footprint that makes them ideal for setting on a kitchen counter, but they offer many of the same benefits of our freestanding water coolers.

You’ll be able to enjoy hot, cold, and room temperature water at the touch of a button—and unlike the water that comes straight from the kitchen tap, the water from your countertop water cooler will actually taste good! That’s thanks to our multi-stage filtration process, which removes impurities for the purest, cleanest water you’ve ever tasted.

The Arctic Advantage: Easy Installation

The hotel, members’ club, or restaurant you run caters to guest experiences. As you think about installing a new water cooler system, a speedy installation that doesn’t interrupt those experiences is essential. We can make it happen!

The transition to our system couldn’t be easier. With our water coolers, you get:

  • Simple Switch Program. Let us handle everything from evaluating your current water bill to finding the best placement for your water cooler.
  • Express Installation. Our technicians will quickly install your unit and be on their way—and you’ll only see them once a year for maintenance! It’s quite the change from constant water bottle deliveries.
  • Custom Billing Process. You pay at your preferred interval. Tell us how you want to be billed—monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

We Service Hospitality and Restaurant Water Dispensers

We have confidence in our water dispensers. So much, in fact, that we offer our clients in the hospitality and restaurant industries our Free Service with the AC Guarantee. When you contract us for your water cooler, you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited service calls and repairs
  • 100 percent coverage for all parts and labor
  • Same-day response
  • Loaner coolers to avoid interrupted service

While you’re under contract, all your service and repairs will be covered! We take care of our partners in the hospitality industry, so they can better care for their guests.

If, by chance, your cooler cannot be repaired, our Peach for a Lemon Program will replace it free of charge! We have you covered from every angle.

Serve Cleaner, Purer Water with Our Coolers

Save on water costs with our bottleless water coolers, which are tailor-made for hospitality industries. Provide cleaner, purer, fresher water for your patrons in Newark, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; or Washington, D.C.

Contact us at Arctic Coolers to explore our drinking water solutions. Request your free quote today!