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Green-Friendly Water Coolers


Going green at your office is a great way to feel better about your carbon footprint, but a common office feature could be stealing your health and eating away at your bottom line. That feature is your bottled water cooler, and it’s a serious environmental offender. Replacing it with a bottleless, eco-friendly water cooler can reduce costs and restore health.

Eco-friendly Water Coolers

Plastic Is Not Eco-Friendly

When plastic water bottles entered the market, everyone thought they were convenient, but, as time went on, it was discovered that plastic bottles had a number of disadvantages. Not only did they leach chemicals into the water they held, but plastic water delivery’s ultimate cost was much higher in terms of manufacturing and delivery than previously thought.

Today, we know that plastic is not good for us or the environment. Plus, those delivery charges can add up quickly and paperwork can make for a time-consuming mess. Water dispensers from Arctic Coolers don’t use or need plastic.

A Better Way

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So, how do Arctic Coolers deliver better water to your office? Instead of delivery by truck in questionable plastic bottles, Arctic Coolers are designed to get water directly from your existing supply. Your water is purified and delivered to you without ever touching human hands or creating more pollution.

The 5-stage filtration includes eco-friendly carbon and an ultrafiltration membrane, but water is also treated with UV light in the final stage, which ensures that water is 99% free of chemicals, viruses, and bacteria before being delivered to you—and all without adding more chemicals to your water.

Another great thing about Arctic water coolers is that installation doesn’t require any plumbing to be altered or water to be shut off. You are provided with all the needed information before any installation begins.

If you can’t remember when your vendor last came to your office to service your water dispenser, it’s probably been too long. Once installed by our trained technicians, your Arctic Coolers unit will receive regular preventive maintenance in the form of service and water quality checks, cleaning, temperature control, and filter replacements every six months.

We’ll Buy Your Old Dispenser

You may think that you found out about Arctic Coolers too late because you’ve already spent money on a water dispenser for your office. Think again. We are so confident that you’ll love our products that we will buy your water dispenser from you at fair market value.

If you’re not ready to take that step yet, no problem. We also offer a free trial. This gives you the opportunity to compare the water quality of your existing dispenser with that from an Arctic Coolers unit. If you’ll be moving or renovating soon, you don’t have to buy a new one. Just take advantage of our one free move policy to keep enjoying environmentally friendly water.

Ready to experience the many benefits of switching to green-friendly filtered water? Arctic Coolers is happy to help. Call (844) 202-1569 to be put in touch with a team member.

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