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The Truth About Bottled Water

Plastic water bottles in the trash showing how much damage is done to the environment from water sold in bottles

Bottled water is overpriced, wasteful, and unhealthy.

In just one year, the manufacture of plastic jugs, bottling, and delivery of water:

  • Wastes millions of gallons of water
  • Burns 6 million gallons of fuel
  • Dumps 70 million pounds of plastic waste into landfills

Bottled water is prone to bacterial and chemical contamination due to lax regulations and unsafe handling by bottlers and consumers.

Additionally, bottled water is regulated by the FDA not the EPA, which means there are:

  • Fewer regulations for content, labeling, and marketing
  • Exaggerated claims of water source and purity

Despite what the advertising says, bottled water does not come directly from a mountain spring. In fact, much of it is drawn from municipal sources. Regardless of where the water comes from, bottled water companies must transport it to a processing plant then ship it to your company.

All of our bottleless water coolers use the latest in water filtration technology right at the point of use, so it’s fresh from glass to glass. Arctic Filtered Water Coolers are the green solution. Contact us to learn more.


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