Arctic Coolers’ filtered system is equal to or better in taste and quality. We provide much more convenience, offer major cost savings, and eliminate the middleman. Arctic offers a free trial to compare the water quality with no obligation.

Arctic Coolers eliminates the lifting and storage of those heavy bottles. Did you realize that a five gallon bottle weights about 44 lbs and costs an average of over $6 per bottle? We will save your company money… without sacrificing taste or quality.

There are also a number of other benefits:

Health Benefits of Arctic Coolers Water Coolers
Hassle-Free Water Coolers
Touchless Water Coolers Reduce the Spread of Germs
Bottleless Water Coolers Help You Save $$

We offer a free trial for taste comparison. 95% of our customers used bottled water in the past and are very pleased with their Arctic Coolers.

Our system filters at the point of use so it is actually more hygienic than bottled water that may sit in bottles for a length of time.

When bottles are changed, dirt and bacteria may enter into the tank. This Arctic System eliminates this problem, as no human hands touch anything.

Arctic Coolers uses a commercial grade filtration system, with 5 filters including an inline U.V. light and The Polar Power Pak to filter and purify your water.

Arctic Coolers services & maintains your water cooler every six months to ensure the purity and cleanliness of your system.

Arctic Coolers will buy your water cooler at fair market value.

Arctic Coolers will include one free move as part of our bottleless water cooler installation. And with our cost savings, it makes sense to change to Arctic now.

Installation is free and done by our staff of highly trained water technicians. We can put the bottleless cooler virtually anywhere (as long as there’s a waterline in the building). Installation is simple for our trained professionals, just like installing a new water faucet.

The majority of our customers either lease or rent, so we deal with landlords on a regular basis. A major concern to the landlord is altering the plumbing or shutting off the water… we do neither. We provide all necessary information and insurance certificates.

Choosing to install Arctic Coolers Water Coolers in your office has a number of benefits. For one, if you choose to install Touchless Water Coolers, you can greatly reduce the unnecessary spread of germs by limiting the amount of contact with water coolers in the office. Some other benefits are having a positive impact on the environment and hassle-free installation. You can see all of our benefits here.

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