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Cost-Efficient Water Coolers


Like many offices, yours might have one or more bottled water coolers. Yet bottled water isn’t the best water cooler by far. This option isn’t only wasteful, but it is also an overpriced and unhealthy method of offering water to employees and customers. Replacing bottles with cost-efficient bottleless water coolers can provide you with many benefits.

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Why Is Bottled Water a Bad Idea?

Previously touted as an easy, affordable and convenient means of delivering water, we now know the truth about bottled water. Thanks to EPA and FDA regulation, bottled water isn’t required to adhere to the same regulations for marketing, labeling, or content as other products.

This leaves the door wide open for questionable claims of purity and source. As a result, many claims of untouched springs and mountain waters are far from true. Not only that, but water delivery can cost your business both time and money.

Get Better Water with Arctic Coolers

The bottleless water coolers from Arctic Coolers are a healthier and more cost-effective alternative to bottled water. Why? First, they get water directly from your municipal source, meaning no expensive delivery. Second, they send water through multiple stages of commercial-grade filtration, including UV light treatment. Finally, water in Arctic Coolers is purified and delivered on-demand.

Arctic Pro

Best Bottleless Water Coolers

The Arctic Pro is a space-saving way to get great water. It’s small enough to rest on any countertop, where it can deliver hot, cold, or room-temperature water from its stainless steel tanks. The safety lock prevents burns from hot water, and the control panel is easy for everyone to use. It offers two stages of filtration and a sparkling water option.

Arctic Chill 500

The free-standing Arctic Chill 500 offers four stages of carbon filtration, With a gross weight of just 49 pounds, this lightweight cooler is easy to move. It heats water at a rate of 1.3 gallons per hour, to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and cools it to 37-50 degrees Fahrenheit at the rate of 1.5 gallons per hour. This model is ideal for both home and office settings.

Arctic Avalanche 2500

Ideal for larger offices, the Arctic Avalanche 2500 is another free-standing model. Weighing in at 78 pounds, this water cooler offers 3 gallons of cold water storage and 1.5 gallons of hot water storage. This filtered water cooler provides 99.9% purity.

Arctic Pro-Chill CTDP

Small but mighty, this countertop cooler weighs less than 30 pounds. Perfect for small lunch rooms, the Arctic Pro-Chill can hold 0.34 gallons of cold water and 0.24 gallons of hot water, and it is the perfect addition to any countertop with its sleek, modern design.

It’s Everything You Want from Water

Want a healthy, sophisticated, stylish, and cost-efficient alternative to bottled water? Designed to fit any décor and size of space, professionally installed Products from Arctic Coolers can eliminate the costs and risks associated with bottled water. Since 1986, Arctic Coolers has been providing homes and offices with healthy water. Get more information today: (844) 202-1569.

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