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Best Bottleless Dispenser


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Nothing is as quite as synonymous with professional offices as a water cooler. However, water coolers have evolved from the days of trying to fit an unwieldy five-gallon water jug on top of a small peg. These days, bottleless water coolers offer cool, refreshing water without the wastefulness of a plastic bottle or the mystery of whether the water in the jug is as pure as the company claims.

The Bottleless Water Cooler Advantage

Bottleless water coolers, as their name indicates, hook up directly to your building’s water supply. This means the water they supply is already drinkable. From there, though, these water dispensers filter and purify the water even further, ensuring that your glass of water is free from any impurities or chemical aftertastes.

Even better, these types of water cooler dispensers don’t have to be refilled, which eliminates the dilemma of either having to lug unwieldy jugs of water around the office or trying to position the water cooler close to an out-of-the-way supply closet.

Admittedly, bottleless water dispensers require more initial effort to install than their counterparts but, once the setup is complete, the convenience is well worth the investment.

Why Arctic Coolers Are the Best Bottleless Water Dispensers

Among bottleless water dispensers, though, there is one brand that really stands out—Arctic Coolers.

Arctic Coolers have one of the best filtration systems in the water cooler business. Their four-stage carbon filtration passes water through:

  • A sediment filter
  • An activated carbon filter
  • A post-carbon filter
  • An ultrafiltration membrane

All these filter out 99.9% of impurities, leaving you with drinking water that’s as pure as you can get for your office.

Another reason why Arctic Coolers are the best bottleless water dispensers is their construction. The filtered water is kept in separate hot and cold water tanks made of surgical stainless steel, and a built-in leak detector helps prevent any unnecessary emergencies. Another important safety feature is the hot water safety lock, which helps prevent any accidental burns.

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Arctic Coolers also provides free preventive maintenance on their bottleless water coolers. This maintenance includes an annual six-point service check, temperature control, a filter replacement, water quality checks, and exterior and interior tank cleaning.

It’s worth pointing out that Arctic Coolers offers bottleless water dispensers of different sizes. If a freestanding water cooler is a little too big for your home office, you can also get a countertop bottleless water dispenser that can give you the same cool, refreshing water without taking up so much space.

Drink More Cool, Refreshing Water With an Arctic Cooler

If you want a bottomless water dispenser system that’s sure to give you the coolest, purest water, you owe it to yourself to give an Arctic Cooler a try. Contact Arctic Coolers today to get a free quote, and their water cooler experts will help you determine which water cooler dispenser is right for your office.

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