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Arctic Coolers Water Dispenser


Those who want better-tasting, healthier water without plastic or glass bottles need look no further than Arctic Coolers. That’s because our water dispenser systems are unlike any others you may have seen. Here’s what makes us stand out from the rest.

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We are Bottleless

Did you know that plastic bottles are not only wasteful and overpriced, but unhealthy as well? The EPA doesn’t regulate the healthiness of bottled water, which means no one has to be held accountable for accurate labeling or purity of the bottled water they sell. Not only that, but plastic introduces several dangerous compounds to water when it breaks down.

Although they are chemically inert, glass bottles are extremely heavy, even when empty, and they require much more physical exertion to load, unload, and replace. Although made of thick glass, these bottles can and do break.

A bottleless water cooler from Arctic Coolers is different. Because it’s installed directly into your municipal water supply, the need for dangerous plastic, heavy glass, or high delivery charges is completely eliminated.

Effective Commercial-Grade Filtration

How pure is the water in a glass or plastic bottle? Consider that germs, bacteria, and dust can enter these bottles quickly and easily, even right after they’ve been sterilized. Not only that but, the longer they sit, the more contaminated they become.

An Arctic Cooler dispenser runs water through five stages of filtration: sediment, activated carbon, post carbon, inline U.V. light, and an ultrafiltration membrane. It takes this a step further by purifying water on demand. Instead of having water sit indefinitely, it’s purified as soon as you push the button, giving you the healthiest and purest filter water possible.

Water, Customized for You

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Our wide range of sizes and models means that any office, large or small, can have healthy water with an Arctic Cooler. Our countertop models Blaze, Wedge, Arctic Pro, and Arctic Pro-Chill CDTP are all ultra-small and energy-efficient to answer your small and medium office water needs.

If you’ve got a larger space and are looking for a free-standing solution, you’ll definitely want to explore the Beam, Arctic Avalanche 2500, Flow, Arctic Chill 500, and Arctic Chill 2500.

Realize the Benefits of Clean, Filtered Water

Arctic Coolers not only sells stylish, cost- and energy-efficient bottleless water cooler dispensers, but we also help you choose the best one for your space. We don’t stop there; after your perfect dispenser has been installed, our trained technicians come back for regular cleaning, filter checkups, and other maintenance to ensure optimal water purity.

You’ll no longer need to spend on bottle removal and delivery, and the days of completing time-consuming paperwork at delivery time will be over. Instead, you can enjoy pure water without unexpected surprises like hidden costs.

Since 1986, Arctic Coolers has been providing offices with sustainable water solutions. We continue to be the top choice of mid-Atlantic offices because we know water. Your clean water solution is a click away at our website. Or, call us at (844) 202-1569 to learn more.

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