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Arctic Cooler Water Dispenser


Plastic’s lightweight convenience and low cost can no longer justify its several-century decomposition time, threat to wildlife, and risks to human health. It’s because of these facts that Arctic Coolers were first brought into existence in 1986. Here’s why and how to get your bottleless water cooler for your office.

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The Benefits of Arctic Coolers over Plastic Bottles

Unlike plastic bottle water coolers, an Arctic Cooler:

  • Won’t require anyone to lift heavy plastic bottles every time the water runs out
  • Will save you up to 70% on the cost and time to hire and arrange for water delivery
  • Filters and purifies water right at the site to ensure clean and safe water every time
  • Allows you to customize your water cooler system for your individual needs
  • Guarantees the safety of the water filtered and purified through it

Arctic Coolers also have a wide range of features that bottled water coolers simply don’t possess.

Features That Make Arctic Coolers a Beneficial Addition to Your Office

Arctic Coolers can be installed in any office, no matter how small or large. From space-saving countertop models to free-standing larger products, Arctic Coolers can fit in your space.

Arctic coolers get water directly from your existing municipal source. You never have to worry about running out, ordering more, or questioning the quality of water your office is getting.

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The technology of an Arctic office water cooler is as impressive as its elegant and modern design, but that doesn’t mean they’re in any way difficult to use. The control panels on some of our models ensure that anyone using them can get the temperature, type, and amount of water they need, whenever they need it.

All Arctic products feature 4-stage carbon filtration, which sends water through a sediment filter, activated carbon filter, post-carbon filter, and an ultrafiltration membrane. Our products also purify water with a 5th stage: ultraviolet light. This ensures the elimination of viruses and any airborne bacteria before water is dispensed.

Which Model Will You Choose?

Arctic water dispensers are available in two countertop and two free-standing models.

Smaller offices with lower water needs may benefit from the Arctic Pro-Chill CTDP, as its cold and hot tank volumes are 0.34 and 0.24 gallons respectively. This model weighs just under 30lbs. Our Arctic Pro countertop model is also lightweight and offers a cold tank volume of 0.55 gallons and a hot tank volume of 0.5 gallons.

For larger offices, the free-standing Arctic Chill 500 is a good choice at 49lbs. It comes with a one- or two-gallon cold tank volume option and a hot tank capacity of 0.5 gallons. Our largest model, the Arctic Avalanche 2500, weighs 78 pounds and can hold three gallons of cold water and 1.5 gallons of hot water.

Arctic Coolers remains the choice of many mid-Atlantic offices who want clean, safe drinking water for their customers and employees. Contact us online or call (844) 202-1569, and you’ll discover why our products stand above the rest.

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