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Arctic Advantage

Arctic Coolers has been doing business since 1986, offering long-term office drinking water solutions with our economical, eco-friendly, bottleless office water coolers. We have installed over 15,000 office coolers and replaced bottled water with 95% of those installations. So what’s the advantage?

The Ease of Bottleless Water Coolers

When you choose Arctic Coolers as your office water cooler supplier, you’re guaranteed an endless supply of water. Unlike other water coolers that rely on your heavy lifting to switch out the five gallon jugs, Arctic Coolers hooks right up to the water source in your office. No more bottle delivery, storage, and best of all, no more carrying five gallon jugs. Doesn’t that sound great? Of course it does, but that’s not even half of the benefits of having bottleless water coolers in your office. Arctic Coolers makes the transition seamless with our Simple Switch Program, providing customers with Express Installation and a Custom Billing Process.


Not only does upgrading your office water cooler to an Arctic Coolers Bottleless Water Cooler make your life easier, but it’s sustainable too. With our point-of-use filtration system that uses your water supply, we eliminate the need for plastic bottles and all of the negative impacts on the environment that come with them. See, at Arctic Coolers we have a Conservation Program that aims to conserve the energy and fossil fuels required to manufacture and transport plastic bottles to the market. By choosing Arctic Coolers’ eco-friendly water coolers for your office, you can have a positive impact on the environment too. 

Health Benefits

With the latest innovations in water purification, sanitation, and filtration, Arctic Coolers eliminates sediment, chlorine, lead, and other toxins from your drinking water. To learn more about the Polar Pak and the filtration process of our office water coolers visit our Filtration Facts page.

Our Guarantee

Arctic Coolers Healthy Office Program™ guarantees the water from our office water coolers goes through a five-stage water purification system containing an ultraviolet light that kills airborne bacteria and viruses.

Touchless Features

Amidst all of the things going on in the world, one of our main priorities is reducing the spread of germs and bacteria, especially in the office. Unlike many office water coolers, our Free Standing Water Coolers have an anti-microbial touchpad, providing our customers with a completely hands-free experience. There’s no need to push a button or hold a lever, just press your glass up against the touchpad and out comes the water. With touchless water coolers, you can confidently reduce the spread of germs in the office.

We have been named

  • The largest and most successful bottleless water company in the Mid-Atlantic region over the last twenty years
  • One of the top twenty-five fastest growing companies in South Jersey.

Local Service

We offer local service in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Southern New York and Northern Virginia.

water cooler service

We are a water cooler service committed to meeting your needs while supporting local businesses, employing local talent, and investing in our community.

  • Our highly trained technicians are experts on the water, people, and needs of your region.
  • We customize your water cooler system for your office. One size does not fit all.
  • Our customer service team treats our customers like family.
woman holding glass of filtered water

Arctic Coolers also performs free preventative maintenance on your system including:

  • Annual six-point service check
  • Water quality checks
  • Filter replacements
  • Temperature control
  • Exterior and interior tank cleaning

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