Who Are We

Arctic Coolers is a leader in the bottle-less water cooler industry with clients located throughout the United States. Our coolers are densely found in mid-Atlantic states including PhiladelphiaPennsylvania; NewarkNew JerseyNew YorkNew YorkMarylandWashington D.C.Delaware, and Northern VA. Some of our clients include UPSFEDEX, and Wells Fargo. See more of our clients and industries served here.
The company was created in 1986 by Andy Pearl, a certified health nut. He believed that the quality of water was more important than the quantity of water that you drink. He also believed that there was a more hygienic way to have fresh filtered water at point of use, rather than bottled and delivered in big heavy water jugs.
We pride ourselves on innovative, cutting edge technology and customer service that is the best in the business.

Local Service

At Arctic Coolers we take supporting our local community very seriously. Not only do we offer local service in PennsylvaniaNew JerseyNew York, Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia, but we also employ local talent across the nation. Our highly trained technicians are experts on water, people, and the needs of your region. 
We perform preventative maintenance on your water system. This includes an annual six-point service check, water quality checks, temperature control, and exterior and interior tank cleaning.
Our highly trained technicians are experts on water, people, and the needs of your region. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all so we make it a priority to understand your needs from a regional perspective, all the way down to the needs of your specific office water system. 


Community Service

Arctic Coolers strives to give back to the community through our involvement in a few charities that are close to our hearts. 
A portion of all proceeds and our time go to some really great causes including:
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
The Animal Welfare Association (AWA)
The Sunshine Foundation
Arctic Coolers is also in good standing with a number of other organizations. If you’re interested in learning more, you can take a look at our blog.

The Arctic Advantage

While we take great pride in the organizations we’ve partnered with and the community service we’ve done, we take even greater pride in the advantages our office water coolers provide our customers. You can read more about the economical, environmental, and health benefits of our office water coolers at the links below!

Hassle-Free Office Water Cooler Service

Eco-Friendly Features for a Positive Impact on the Environment

Health Benefits & Water Cooler Savings

We hope you’ll find that unlike other water cooler suppliers, Arctic Coolers has taken everything into consideration, including smooth installation processes, environmental impact, and even the spread of germs and bacteria.

Why Choose a Bottleless Water Cooler For Your Office?


The primary reason to choose any type of water cooler is because they eliminate the need for the wasteful single-use bottles many offices stock in the fridge. A bottleless water cooler goes even further, though—it also eliminates the cumbersome water jugs of traditional water coolers and the need for frequent water deliveries. Instead, you’ll enjoy an endless supply of clean, filtered water with your bottleless water cooler. What’s more, when you compare the gallon-by-gallon cost of a traditional water cooler with a bottleless water cooler, the bottleless variety comes out on top.


Free Standing Water Coolers


With a free standing water cooler from Arctic Coolers, your employees will be gathering around the water cooler to get a drink and not just to gossip or talk about last night’s football game! Our top-of-the-line free standing water coolers offer both hot and cold water, each stored in its own surgical stainless steel tank for superior taste and safety. You’ll enjoy exceptionally clean water with our four-stage carbon filtration process, which removes 99.9% of sediment, bacteria, heavy metals, and other impurities—and you’ll get it all at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a traditional bottled water delivery service (compare prices here). In addition, you’ll also be reducing the spread of germs and bacteria in the office thanks to our antimicrobial touchpads! With everything going on in the world, a touchless water cooler is a must-have in the office.


Countertop Water Coolers


If you’re purchasing a water cooler for your office kitchen, consider an Arctic Coolers countertop water cooler. These water dispensers have a smaller footprint that makes them ideal for setting on a break room counter, but they offer many of the same benefits of our free standing water coolers. You’ll be able to enjoy hot, cold, and room temperature water at the touch of a button—and unlike the water that comes straight from the kitchen tap, the water from your countertop water cooler will actually taste good! That’s thanks to our multi-stage filtration process, which removes impurities for the purest, cleanest water you’ve ever tasted.