Where to Get the Best Office Coolers

A big part of a healthy office space is ensuring there’s always fresh water. The quality of hydration has many benefits, including better overall health, increased productivity, and employee engagement. Here are the characteristics which make an Arctic office water cooler stand above the rest. Eliminate Bulky Bottles Those plastic bottles take up a lot of room […]

Your Commercial Water Coolers Service and Office Space

Office design is critical to the success of a company. It is well worth the time and effort in consulting with professionals to get it right. An office that is well-designed may cost more, but a poorly-designed office will cost you down the road. A non-functioning office wastes time and causes frustrations among employees because […]

Meeting Etiquette

Office meetings. Look, most of you are not a fan of them, but they are necessary for a number of reasons. But some of you are guilty of using the time spent in meetings to scroll Instagram, doodle on your notepad, or otherwise keep yourself distracted enough to get through without learning anything. As a […]

Water Coolers for the Office and Making Mondays Better

Let’s begin this article by having everybody let out an exhausted sigh together. Face it, not too many of you look forward to the start of the week. The weekend is over and Saturday is not happening again for another five days. As your alarm goes off, you are hit with the sudden realization that […]

Water Cooler Service and Surviving a Meeting

One of the horrors of the modern office job is the dreaded meeting. This is when a group of people is herded into a sad, gray conference room to sit around a table on uncomfortable chairs and recite catchphrases like “low-hanging fruit,” “I don’t have the bandwidth” and “at the end of the day.” Each […]

Water Coolers for Office and Tips to Keeping Your Sanity at Work

It’s not a surprise that many people are stuck at jobs they hate. Well, hate is a pretty strong word. Let’s just say they put up with work as best as they can. But there are people who have work environments that are particularly harsh. It could be because of the people, the management, or […]

Water Cooler Service and Keeping Your Resolutions

Chances are you have broken many of the New Year’s resolutions you have made over the years. Perhaps you have broken all of them. Well, then this is the year that you find great success in keeping your resolutions. If we were to guess, most of your resolutions have to do with leading a healthier […]

Office Water Coolers and Office Complaints

When it comes to work, there are many things employees can complain about. For example, many employees gripe about their pay. And while many complaints could be easily remedied, raises for everybody, other complaints are more difficult to address. At any given office at any given time, half of the employees will complain that it […]

Commercial Water Cooler Perks

On your commute home from work, many of you probably reflect back on what kind of day you had at the office. Well, many of you think that is what everybody else does on their way home from work. The truth is that many people live their lives without paying much attention to the moment. […]

Your Water Cooler Service Offers The Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

The water cooler enjoys a lovely place in our history. The water cooler at the office is the place where you and coworkers have debated the best quarterback in the NFL, discussed shocking moments from television shows, and talked about the last U2 album. The office water cooler is the place where you pressed for […]